3 Major Options for Cooling Your Home

Cooling your home usually means the installation of a central air conditioning unit, but these are very expensive to operate. They cool your entire house equally even if you're only in the living room or asleep in the bedroom, so they waste electricity and in turn, your money. While a central air unit can be good for when everyone is home, there are other options to consider for cooling. These can be used on their own or with a central unit, so you can use one or the other according to your needs. Note a few of these options here.

1. Split system units

A split system unit is not run through the home's ductwork but is directly vented outside the home. It cools just one area of the house rather than pushing air through all the home's vents. A split system is what is used in a hotel, so that each room has its own cooling unit. You can have a split system installed for your living room or bedroom so you can run this unit rather than your central air unit when you're just in one part of the house. In turn, you'll use less power and can save money on your cooling.

2. Heat pumps

A heat pump works to pull hot air from a house and pump it back outside. During winter months, the action is reversed and it pulls heat from the ground and pumps it back into your home. For cooling, a heat pump can be very comfortable because it's not delivering artificially cooled air that you get with an air conditioner. It also doesn't make the home so cool that you feel uncomfortable because of the noticeable change in temperature when coming and going from the home. A heat pump can also pull the humidity of the air with it as it removes heat, so you're more comfortable overall.

3. Evaporative cooling systems

An evaporative system takes moisture and pumps it into the air. This works to cool the air as water always takes heat with it as it continues to evaporate. This type of system is very good for dry climates, as it works in the opposite manner of a dehumidifier; it not only keeps air cooler but it adds moisture, so you feel more comfortable overall. It can also be a very good choice for those with breathing disorders who need to keep the air moist so that their lungs and breathing passages do not dry up.

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