Water, Water, Everywhere: 4 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

It is easy to take your plumbing for granted, expecting that every time you turn on a tap or flush the toilet, everything will work as it should. By keeping your eyes open for signs that all is not well with your home plumbing, you can nip problems in the bud before they cause damage to your property. Below are 4 signs you should pick up the phone and call a plumber.

Dripping Taps

Dripping taps aren't just really annoying, they are also a tell-tale sign that something could be wrong with your plumbing. The first thing you should do is dismantle the tap and check that the washer, a rubber or silicon disc, is in place. The washer should form a watertight seal to prevent water from dripping from your tap. However, over time washers can become worn and brittle, causing them to fail. If you replace the washer and the tap still drips, you should consider calling a plumber so he can take a look, as it could be a symptom of a bigger problem.


If you notice a damp patch on a ceiling or wall, you should investigate immediately. You should never underestimate the amount of damage leaking water can cause. Even a tiny leak can create ideal conditions for mold to grow, and it could lead to longer term structural damage to your property.

Low Water Pressure

When water slowly trickles from your taps rather than gushing into the sink, this is a sign you have low water pressure. The water that travels through the pipes in your house has minerals dissolved within it which can cause deposits to build up on the aerators attached to your tap. Remove the aerators by unscrewing the tip of the tap. Soak the aerators in vinegar overnight to remove any buildup of minerals. If the water pressure is still low after you have cleaned the aerators, this suggests a leaky pipe, which could cause damage to your home.

Toilet Troubles

If you notice that the water level inside your toilet bowl is too high or too low, or if your toilet begins to make unusual sounds when you flush it or begins to produce strong odours, it is highly likely that you have a problems with a blocked sewage pipe. If you ignore this problem, you run the risk of a complete failure of the toilet system, which can cause waste to back up and flood your bathroom. Using a plunger can be effective for smaller blockages, but if this doesn't work it is time to call a professional.

If you experience any of these problems, it is best to get a professional from a company like South East Plumbing Service to come and take a look to ensure they aren't signs of a bigger issue with your water or waste systems.