Why You Should Always Choose a Carport Size Bigger Than You Think You Need

Adding a carport to the side of your house can give you a great means of protecting your vehicle from the sun and harsh weather. Carports are relatively easy to install if you have a few tools and some skill in putting things together, as you can often find a kit that snaps or easily bolts the pieces into place. However, when you are ready to buy a carport for your lot, you might consider getting one that's bigger than the size you think you need, if you have extra space on your property. Note a few reasons why this is and why you might find use for that added space.

1. Storage

Like a garage, a carport might work for additional storage for items that don't belong in the house. One end or one side of your carport might hold tubs were you keep tools, sporting goods, and other such items. You might also store out-of-season clothes to open up space in your closets. If you add enough extra space to the carport, you might also install a shed to hold your lawnmower, snow blower, and other equipment. The floor of the carport can be a better surface than if you were to install such a shed on your grass, so it's good to include space under the carport for this storage.

2. Working

Do you work on your own car or make your own repairs to your lawnmower or snow blower? Do you have a hobby that's best done outside the house, such as woodworking and carpentry? Adding space to your carport can give you room where you're shaded from the sun and have a level surface underneath you to make car repairs, change the oil in your lawnmower, or work on your latest carpentry project.

3. Living space

If your home doesn't have an outdoor deck or porch area, the carport can serve as a living space; again, it offers shade from the sun and a level ground space under your feet. You might install a carport and realize it's the perfect place for an outdoor grill or a small table and set of chairs. The kids might also want to play under the shade of the carport rather than in the heat of the sun. It can be more affordable to just get a larger carport than it would be to install a separate patio area and awning on your home for your outdoor living space. 

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