Want To Keep Your Landscaping Costs Low? Here's How!

One of the best ways of enhancing the overall curb appeal of your residence is through landscaping. However, not executing landscaping projects appropriately will typically end up in exorbitant costs. If you are looking for ways to keep your landscaping costs low without having to compromise on the aesthetics of your yard, here are some handy tips that you could use.

Consider opting for artificial turf 

Keeping your lawn lush and green involves a tremendous amount of water. With the water restrictions in some parts of Australia, you could end up either having to pay more to keep you yard green or settle for lackluster grass. To avoid this, consider having your choice landscaping company installing for you artificial turf. Not only does this type of turf require no watering, you also no longer have the burden of maintaining your lawn through weeding or mowing it on a regular basis. There is a variety of options that you could choose for artificial turf with an array of prices, therefore you can rest assured you can find artificial turf that would suit your individual needs.

Consider planting native plants in your yard

One trend that some Australian homeowners have got into is purchasing exotic plants to enhance the aesthetics of their residence. However, although these plants can make your property look unique, more often than not they require special care for them to thrive. This could mean additional nutrition for them, excessive water and more. To keep your costs low, you should consider opting for native plants. As long as the plants grow naturally in the Australian climate, they will be able to thrive on your property without additional expenses and special care.

Consider drip irrigation in your yard

For some homeowners, opting for artificial turf may not be appealing to them for their own personal reasons. If you would like to retain natural grass on your yard but reduce on your water related utility bills, then you should consider a drip irrigation system. It should be noted that the initial investment for a drip irrigation system might be expensive. However, it makes up for this by being economical in you water usage, which will be economical down the road. When you use a hose to water your lawn, not only are you using much more water, but a significant amount of it ends up as run off from your yard. With drip irrigation, the system intuitively knows when your plants need watering through the use of inbuilt sensors. Hence, your plants are only watered as needed.