What to consider when buying a server rack system

Server racks are basically the framework upon which a network equipment or home theatre components are mounted. Rack mounting is indeed a good way to organize and protect your network or electronic component at home or at the office. So if you want to buy a rack system to mount your network, here are a few tips you should bear in mind during your decision-making.

Rack style

Do you want an open or enclosed server rack? If you wish to have an open, easy access to your server or network and have no issues with it being visible, an open rack is a simple and often affordable alternative. On the other hand, if you wish to have your network or computing components hidden, or to afford them additional protection against dust, moisture or chemicals, an enclosure perfectly fits your needs.


To prolong the life and better the performance of your network equipment, it's important that you keep it cool and properly ventilated. An open rack allows for easy ventilation in a temperature-controlled room. However, given that enclosures have a tendency to trap warmth, if you choose one you will need to undertake several heat-management measures. The addition of ventilation units, rack mount fans and vented panels can help to vent out heat and suck in cool air.

Shelf adjustability

Regardless of whether you opt for an open rack or an enclosed one, the adjustment abilities of your rack system's shelves is an aspect that you'll certainly want to think about. Obviously, fixed shelves offer you limited access to your server or network equipment. This is not a major problem if you opt for an open rack, because your components will be exposed and accessible all the time. Nevertheless, if you prefer an enclosure, consider swing-out or sliding shelves as they will make a significant difference in terms of how easy you access your network equipment during maintenance.


In respect to enclosures particularly, when contemplating which vendor to buy from, consider whether or not the vendor carries out customization. Why buy a basic enclosure server rack and perform the customization work on your own if you can have the vendor install fans, vents, rails and data cabling according to your needs and requirements?

Whether you are looking for an open server rack or an enclosure, consider the above-mentioned aspects in order to buy a rack mounting system that best fits your computer network needs and requirements.