Know the kind of portable toilet to hire for a successful outdoor event

Portable toilets are a necessity for any outdoor event. They have become increasingly important and have evolved substantially over the past few years. But these portaloos are not all equal. The construction and design of the different portable toilets makes them slightly different depending on their application. That's why you need to be careful when hiring them. Each event location and use may need a different type of portable toilet. So here's a compiled list of the most common types of portaloos and the best situation for their use.

Recirculating chemical portaloos

These portable toilets are like the ones you find in planes. They are flushable and come pre-installed with large tanks. On flushing, the wastes are disposed in the tank and the chemicals recirculated to keep the unit sanitised. The tank is also closed off to prevent any bad odours from escaping. These recirculating chemical toilets are increasingly gaining popularity, because they can handle high traffic events due to their larger tanks. Additionally, you could even place extra features such as lights, hand sanitisers and mirrors for an even better experience.

Mains connected portaloos

Go for these kinds of toilets if you've got a sewage system nearby. Main connected portable toilets don't have an in-built tank to hold the wastes. These toilets normally have added connections that plug into the main sanitation and flush directly into the sewage system. That makes them a good candidate in work sites where they'll be required for days on end. As a plus, these toilets are a lot easier to install. They are normally fitted with hot or cold water basins and automatic water shut offs.

Accessible portaloos

The main feature of these portable toilets is the amount of interior space they've got. Accessible toilets are designed to offer a lot more space than other portaloos. You'll benefit from these toilets if you're organising an event with families present. The parents can easily accompany their young ones into the loo without cluttering up the space. You could even have a changing table placed in the toilet for parents to change their babies.

Remember, the assembly and installation of these toilets need to be done by qualified contractors particularly if they've arrived in parts. The contractors will also have a better idea of the most suitable areas to install the portaloo hires. They need a flat and firm terrain and enough space for towing units to manoeuvre when collecting them.