Why Epoxy Flooring Would Be Ideal For Your Garage

In general, garage flooring will typically be made of concrete. Although this material is sturdy, it can become compromised with constant exposure to oil leaks, chemicals and general wear and tear. If you would like to enhance the longevity of your garage flooring, then an epoxy coating would be worth considering. Here are some of the reasons why an epoxy finish would be ideal for you garage.

Epoxy flooring is stain- and water-resistant

The application of an epoxy coating to your concrete flooring instantaneously makes the surface non-porous. The impermeability ensures that spills that tend to be a common occurrence in the garage will no longer pose a risk to your concrete floor. Additionally, since epoxy is impervious, it will not absorb any stains. This is unlike regular concrete that tends to look unattractive after a while due to either paint stains, chemical stains, water damage, engine fluids and more.

Epoxy flooring is strong

When the epoxy finish has been applied and allowed to set, it undergoes a transformation and becomes a solid polymer. This polymer is typically resistant to a range of chemicals so you can rest assured that your flooring will not break down if it is exposed to chemical spills. In addition to being chemical resistant, the inherent strength on the epoxy flooring also makes it immune to high impact. Therefore, you do not have to worry about cracks forming either due to driving on the epoxy flooring or dropping heavy items such as work tools on it. All this makes it a more durable option when compared to other types of flooring.

Epoxy flooring is economical

If you are looking to invest in flooring that will not require regular repairs, then epoxy flooring would be ideal for your garage. First, it tends to be cheaper than other types of finishes that you could choose for your garage flooring. Secondly, since it is easy to install, you could opt to forgo paying professional contractors to apply it for you and carry out the procedure on your own. Overall, it will cost less to install and maintain this type of flooring as compared to other finishes that are in the market.

Epoxy flooring is easy to install

With other types of flooring finishes, you would have to adequately prep the concrete before resurfacing it. This not only takes up a considerable amount of time, but also could greatly add to the installation costs. With epoxy flooring, all that would be required is thorough cleaning of the concrete to eliminate any loose debris. After cleaning, you have to wait for the floor to completely dry so that once the epoxy is applied it bonds with the concrete.