Site Analysis of Property Development for Trainee Land Surveyors

There are a number of services that a prospective property developer would need from a land surveyor. Examples of these services include the redefinition of property boundaries, flood certification and site analysis.

Of the various services, the request to undertake site analysis for a property development project is among the most common. It is therefore important for trainee land surveyors to understand the various needs that a client may have in relation to site analysis for property development. Information herein will give trainees an idea of what to expect from such clients once they begin their practice.

Site Identification And Selection

A property developer will often walk into a surveyor's office hoping that through site analysis, the surveyor will be in a position to assist in the identification and selection of a suitable site. In such a case, the client walks in with a complete development program already in mind.

The surveyor is then left with the responsibility of examining different properties within and around the client's specified locality. Surveyors carry out individual analyses of the various properties in an effort to determine which one best meets the requirements of the property development program as specified by the client. Common factors used to judge the suitability of different sites during analysis include the physical and cultural characteristics of the site(s). Legal implications of developing the site(s) in the manner specified by the client are also considered.

Identification And Selection Of A Development Program

In this case, clients walk into the surveyor's office with a title deed or some form of authorization to develop a particular property according to their desires. Many of such clients often have a rough idea of the type of development(s) that they would like to see on the property in question.

The surveyor's responsibility in this case is to determine whether the said property has the capability to support the kind of development(s) desired by the client. If an analysis reveals that the site is capable, surveyors use the results of the analysis to refine the development program in a bid to improve its suitability for the site.

If an analysis reveals that the site lacks cannot support the intended development(s), surveyors give advice in relation to the necessary adjustments that need to be made on the development program so as to make it suitable for the site. Alternatively, surveyors can offer their clients a different development plan which is more compatible with the site in question.

For more information on site analysis, talk to your mentor.