Importance of Construction Surveying

Construction surveyors are among the first people that you need to approach before you can start doing any actual work at a construction site. Unfortunately, not many people often seek the services of construction surveyors because they do not understand what these professionals can do.

Construction surveyors primarily help their clients to establish an appropriate location for man-made structures. If you want to construct new commercial premises on a particular lot of land, here are a couple of points to explain why it is important for you to seek the services of a construction surveyor from the beginning of your construction project.

Establishing boundary lines

One of the important things that a construction surveyor will do is to establish the location of boundary lines for the property. In order to provide you with a detailed map of boundary lines, the surveyor will search for property information in public records and take measurements onsite. 

When accurately done, a boundary survey will help determine the exact size and shape of the construction site as determined by such things as utility easements and existing environmental legislation. It will also help reveal any encroachments, undeclared easements, missing boundary corners and other defects linked to the land to be developed early on. This way, you can be rest assured that your commercial premises won't infringe any existing boundary lines and is protected for the future.

Construction staking

Construction staking essentially entails marking where new structures will be built for purposes of providing guidance when actual work begins. It helps to ensure that the project is built in line with existing plans. How you design the site influences a lot of things including building placement on the lot, drainage installation, drive access, power lines, foundation exposure, etc.

Using architectural drawings provided by building architects and engineers, a construction surveyor will develop an initial layout of the construction site. Upon consultation with the commercial building owner and the builder, they can include recommendations made to the final site layout.

By providing you with a well thought out layout of the construction site, a construction surveyor will see to it that your commercial premises is correctly positioned on the parcel of land, so as to avoid infringing on other parties' property rights.

Construction surveying for building of new commercial buildings is a crucial service that can help make sure that a construction project is finished on budget, on schedule, and according to intended specifications.