Why You Should Always Call an Emergency Locksmith When Locked Out of Your Home

When you've been locked out of your home, you may be tempted to try to jimmy open a window and get back inside, or even get creative with ways of trying to pick the lock on the door handle and open it yourself. It's never a good idea to try either one and it's always better to call an emergency locksmith instead. There are some very good reasons for this, and you might carefully consider those reasons if you're the type who seems to always be locking themselves out of the house!

1. Damage to your property

You might see a scene in a movie where someone simply slides a paperclip or bobby pin into a lock, wiggle it around, and then easily open the door. This isn't how things work in real life, however. Very often trying to pick a lock is ineffective and can also mean damaging the lock itself. Trying to jimmy open a window is much the same; you can easily bend a screen or even break the window pane if you're not careful. Forcing a window open with a pry bar can mean breaking the window lock or the window frame. All of these repairs are often much more costly than calling an emergency locksmith when locked out.

2. Alarms

If you try to enter through a window or try to pick the door lock on your own, will your home's alarm sound? Many home alarms are connected to windows and will sound if there is any disturbance around the frame. If there is excessive vibration around the door, such as from you trying to pick the lock, might the alarm sound as well? If you're not sure how your home's alarm system works in these cases, it can be better to call an emergency locksmith so he or she can reset the alarm and you don't need to risk setting it off and disturbing your neighbors or alerting the police unnecessarily.

3. Emergency services

Your home's alarm system may not go off and alert the police, but what about your neighbors? Someone might see you trying to get into your own home and not realize it's you, and call the police. This can mean trying to explain to them that you live there, and if you left your identification with your keys, the conversation might take quite some time while they establish your identity. Wasting the time and attention of emergency services for things that aren't really an emergency should be avoided, and since they will usually call a locksmith (like Border Locksmiths) anyway, it can be good to simply call one yourself.