The Superiority of Pressure-Treated Pine over Standard/Untreated Pine

When looking for decking or fencing options for your home, you will want to think of materials such as timber. However, there are very many timber options to choose from including cedar, hardwood, and pine among others. If you decide to choose pine, you will have to make another decision of whether to choose treated or untreated pine. Treatment usually involves the addition of chemicals to the pine under pressure. This results in a material with superior properties than its untreated counterpart. Therefore, here are the reasons you should consider pressure-treated pine over the standard or untreated type.


Durability is among the first things you consider when buying anything. Pressure-treated pine is more durable than its untreated counterpart is. First, the chemicals that are added during the treatment make the pine resistant to pests. These chemicals are toxic to insects such as termites. The chemicals also make the pine resistant to premature rot, decay, and yellowing. These are some of the processes that usually affect the service life of timber materials. In addition, the chemicals contain preservatives, which means that treated pine will have a longer lifespan than one without these preservatives.

Ease of Maintenance

Since pressure-treated pine is resistant to rot, yellowing, pests, and water retention, you will be less worried about being watchful for signs of wear and tear of your treated pine deck or fence. However, this does not mean that your treated pine is completely maintenance free. With time, the treated pine can develop a dull grey shade if it is not sealed. Unless you like the colour of a vintage-looking wood, this shade can be unattractive. Therefore, you should consider sealing your pine deck or fence even if it is treated.

Cost Effectiveness

Treated pine will cost you more than untreated pine when buying it. However, this high price will be compensated in the durability and ease of maintenance of the material. This ease of maintenance means that your maintenance costs will be reduced considerably.

Remember that because of the performance of pressure-treated pine, it is better suited for outdoor applications. In addition, when the materials leave the manufacturers they can come with high levels of moisture. As the moisture escapes, the timber will start shrinking. Therefore, in order to avoid problems caused by the shrinkages, such as issues with measurements, let the pine sit for a few days to dry after you buy it.