Want An Eco-Friendly Nursery? Start With An Eco-Friendly Paint Job!

It is understandable that you want your baby to be raised in the safest of environments during their most vulnerable years. Now that you are at the stage of planning your baby's nursery, it is time to turn your thoughts to paint. While hazardous lead-based paint has not been used in homes since the 1970s, you no longer have to use paints that have heavy concentrations of chemicals. Instead, turn your mind to natural paint products before the painters arrive.

No VOC Paint

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound and it relates to the fundamental makeup of many types of paint. The problem with VOC is that when the paint dries, strong odour is released into the air of the home. If the nursery paint is done too close to when the baby comes home, the odour could still be lingering in the air.

Exposure to VOC odours can cause nausea, dizziness and respiratory concerns. There are three ways you can avoid VOC having an impact on the nursery:

  1. Choose a natural paint that advertises no VOC component.
  2. Have the nursery painted at least three months before the baby's due date.
  3. Open up the windows once the painting is done to let the fumes escape out of the house.

If you want an alternative choice to no VOC paint so you can compare costs, then you can also consider a natural paint product as well.

Natural Paint

Non-toxic natural paints are even kinder to your baby's room than no VOC paints are because they are made using simple ingredients such as plant dyes, water and bees' wax. However, when considering natural paint you need to be aware in advance that they don't perform the same way chemical paints do. You may need a lot more of the paint to get the same type of coverage that you would from a chemically made alternative. This is because it sticks to the wall differently and does not go on with a thick covering, so more coats will be required.

You do not have to fear the safety of your baby once their nursery has been painted if you choose from the eco-friendly range of paint options that are available to you. Have a talk to your painter, one like Allure Painting Services, about these paint options and let them get on with the job at hand well in advance of the arrival of the new addition to your family.