Five Tips for Protecting Your Truck Tarp When Transporting Timber

If you are transporting timber on your truck, you likely want to use a truck tarp to keep it protected from the elements. However, timber can be rough, and you may want to take a few steps to protect your tarp. Take a look at these ideas: 

1. Use a high quality truck tarp.

Protecting your tarp starts before you even load your truck or trailer. Make sure that you invest in a heavy duty tarp, designed for use on a truck. If you are using it commercially, make sure it can stand up to the pressures of everyday use and long days on the road in rain or under the hot sun.

2. Throw a few blankets between the timber and your truck.

To prevent splinters migrating from the timber to the tarp, place a few old sheets, moving blankets or other soft material over the timber and under the tarp. This cushions the timber and helps to protect the tarp.

3. Use corner protectors.

You can buy corner protectors to put on all kinds of things, and a set of foam corners can be useful when transporting timber. Stack the timber onto your truck bed, and then secure foam corners such as V Boards to the corners protruding from the pile.

Like the blankets, the foam cushions the timber and protects your tarp. This is especially useful when you tighten your tarp over the load. Unfortunately, if you pull it too tightly over a rough, sharp surface, it may cut into it, but you eliminate that threat with foam corners.

4. Make protectors for the edges.

If protecting the corners doesn't seem to provide enough protection to your tarp, you should also consider making protectors for the edges of your timber pile. You can make your own using foam pipe insulation. If you want thicker foam, use pool flotation devices shaped like noodles and cut them lengthwise so you can slot them over the edges of the timber.

Alternatively, instead of covering each edge separately, use foam sheets to cover the entire load. These can also act as a substitute for the moving blankets suggested above if you like.

5. Secure the timber tightly.

In addition to taking steps to reduce abrasion, you should also make secure the timber is well secured and strapped to your trailer or truck bed. That prevents it from slipping off the truck and potentially ripping the tarp.