Boost the Fire Resistance of Your Home and Complement Your Metal Roof With These Tips and Ideas

If you live or are building a home in an area prone to bushfires, a metal roof can help to protect your house from catching on fire, but your metal roof shouldn't be your only line of defense. Instead, you should support your roof with other fire-resistant materials and methods. Here are some ideas and tips to consider:

1. Make sure the openings on your metal roof are sealed.

In most cases, metal roofs feature large panels of metal that fit closely to your existing roof, creating a tight seal. However, not every style looks like this. If you choose metal roofing panels that have a barrel type style, they have a curved shape, and that can create gaps between the roofing material and the underlying joists and timber.

The fireproof nature of metal roofs depends on the fact that the metal cannot catch fire. If there are gaps, a spark or ember could fly under the roof and cause the wood to catch fire. Make sure the roof, regardless of its style, is well sealed.

2. Match metal roofing to fire resistant siding.

In addition to installing metal roofing, you may want to consider other fire resistant materials as well. In particular, look at fire resistant siding. Veneer made from sliced rock is noncombustible, and it can give your home a protective layer as well as an attractive look. If you opt for stone veneer, make sure that you monitor it for cracks or issues, otherwise, embers or sparks may get past it to the frame of your house.

3. Choose a fire-resistant frame.

If you are still in the process of building your home, you should also think of fire safety when framing the home. With a wood frame, consider using timber that has extra fire-retardant chemicals on it. Alternatively, skip the timber frame and opt for a masonry-block home.

4. Take advantage of the 10/50 rule for homes in areas with high fire risk.

To further support your metal roof and protect your home from fire, make sure that you keep your land well cleared. There is a rule called the 10/50 rule, and if you live in select areas, you can clear trees without special permission from the council. Remove trees within ten metres of your buildings, and cut down foliage and groundcover within 50 meters of the buildings on your property. That prevents fires from travelling over your property.

Want more tips on choosing the best metal roof to protect your home from bushfires? Want more ideas on complementing your metal roof with actions and accessories? Contact a metal roofing contractor today.