Will Window Tinting Affect Your Indoor Plant Growth?

As someone who is considering having window tinting applied to your home before summer arrives, you already know it is going to help keep your home cooler and reduce furniture fabric fade. However, as a green thumb plant lover, you may not yet have realised that it could have an impact on your household plants. Keep these pointers in mind so your indoor plants continue to thrive once the window tint is installed.

Sunlight And Heat Reduction

Window tinting reduces both heat and UV rays from entering your home. In fact, you could see an 80% heat reduction and a 99% blockage of UV rays, so will this affect your plant growth?

The answer to this question depends on the type of plants you are growing. In most instances, the reduction of heat during summer will probably help your plants to thrive. This is because severe heat can quickly evaporate all the moisture in the soil and cause plants to wilt. The cooler the air, the longer the soil can retain moisture.

Ways To Reduce Window Tint Impact

If you have a concern about the impact window tinting will have, speak to your local nursery first. Exotic flowers that need a lot of sunlight, such as orchids, may need to be moved to a sheltered area outside for a few hours each day so they still receive the light they need for flowering.

Keep an eye on the leaf colour of your plants after the window tint has been applied. A change of colour from lush green to yellow means your plant is struggling to adjust to the lower light levels. These plants will benefit from a dose of plant growth food while they get used to their new living conditions.

Even though window tint is being applied to your whole home, some rooms of the house will naturally remain lighter than others due to receiving more daylight. For example, a room that has an outside tree shading is darker than one which does not. Relocating plants to these sunnier rooms will help them to continue to thrive without being exposed to strong heat.

Your proposed home window tint does not need to have an impact on your plants, but you will need to keep a close eye on your plants during the initial days after the window tint is applied. If you have any further concerns, speak to your tint installer about whether there is a slightly lower tint option that may suit your home, and your plants, better.