Video Inspections of Your Drain: What You Need to Know

If you are experiencing an issue with an underground drain, you might be wondering how a plumber will be able to gain access and identify the nature of the problem. However, modern video technology now means that plumbers can quickly and accurately pinpoint problems with your pipes. Below is a guide to the process of video inspection and its benefits.

The Video Equipment

Your plumber will use video equipment which has been specially designed for the industry. The camera unit is protected by a waterproof shell to prevent water damage. The camera will be fitted with a bright LED light that will illuminate the pipe and enable the plumber to see any problems. The camera is attached to a flexible rod, which can be easily inserted into the pipe. The flexibility also means that the camera can easily manoeuvre around bends in the pipes to reach the source of the problem. High-resolution images from the camera are transmitted via a wire inside the rod and are displayed live on a TV monitor. The camera will normally be operated by two plumbers, with one member of the team feeding the camera into the pipe while the other one monitors the TV images. The images can also be saved on a hard drive or DVD so they can be reviewed later, which can prove useful for complex issues or if you need to make a claim with your insurance company.

Uses of Video Inspection

Your plumber can use a high-resolution video camera to identify various problems with your pipes such as cracked or broken pipes, blockages, corrosion, roof infiltration or an offset pipe which has moved position due to shifting of the ground. A camera can also be used to carry out a general inspection of the condition of the pipe, allowing the plumber to identify weak points before they develop into a major plumbing emergency.

Benefits of Video Inspection

Because video inspection allows a plumber to identify exactly what and where the problem is, they no longer have to guess what may be causing the issue or to spend time damaging your garden by digging down to the pipe. The time saved means that the job can be completed at a greater speed and lower cost.

If you have a problem with an underground pipe on your property, contact a plumber today. They will be able to carry out a video inspection and any necessary repair work.