Answering Some Questions You Might Have About Working With a Drafter

When it comes time to build a new home or make renovations to your current home, you need to start with a plan. Some builders will provide certain limited plans for the new homes they build, but you may want a home that is more unique to your style, and a builder needs to know what work you want done when it comes to renovating your current home. This is when a drafts person is needed; they can provide drawings of a new home or renovation work so you can use these when working with a builder. Note a few questions you might have about working with a drafter or drafts person when it comes to your home design needs.

What is the difference between an architect and a drafts person?

An architect may have more training and experience; traditionally, a drafter may work under an architect, providing basic drawings and layouts. The architect may then fill in more of the technical information. This doesn't mean that you necessarily need to hire an architect for your drawings, however. A builder can often use the drawings provided by a drafts person and then note any technical information that might be missing, such as the exact materials needed to ensure structural integrity or slight variations to those drawings so your home fits the natural surroundings on your property.

Why use a drafts person if you are working with a builder?

In some cases, you can describe what you want to a builder and he or she can create the plans needed, but this isn't always the case; a builder may not be able to actually picture what you imagine the finished home or renovation will look like when completed. As an example, if you tell your builder that you want an energy efficient home, they may opt for certain windows that don't let in too much sunlight or cold air during wintertime. You, however, envisioned large windows that offered a nice view. By using drafting services, you can come up with plans, drawings, 3D renderings and other pieces that ensure you get the finished product you imagine for your new home or renovation work.

Does a drafts person tell you the materials needed for the work?

If you're building a new home yourself or tackling your own renovations, a drafts person cannot tell you the materials needed for the job. They can only create the drawings and specs for the finished product, and then you would need to choose the right framing materials, roofing materials and the like to get the job done.