Have you thought about fitting a lift?

Could your company benefit from a lift? If your building occupies more than one floor, how do people move around the premises? Probably you have a flight of stairs that both employees and visitors or customers can use, but is that the best solution? There will be many occasions when stairs are the perfect solution, but there will also be times when using stairs can be problematic. If stairs are causing problems for your company, why not contact a commercial lift installation company and find out how easy it could be to add a lift to your commercial premises.

Is your building very tall?

If your company only occupies two floors, you might think that a lift isn't necessary, but with many floors, it can be impractical to expect people to walk to the top, especially if they must do so multiple times in the day or if not everyone is young and healthy.

Do you need to move stock?

Commercial lift installation isn't always about moving people. Perhaps you have significant movement of stock between the floors of your building. Manually moving boxes or bulky stock can be time-consuming and potentially hazardous. By having a lift fitted, stock can be quickly moved from one part of the building to another without any risk of injury to a person or damage to the stock.

Is time critical?

While you may be capable of walking up and down several flights of stairs, do you want to waste time doing that several times a day? Commercial lifts are available in a range of speeds, and your installation company will be happy to suggest a lift that can operate at a speed that is perfect for your business. You may be happy to take a leisurely ride to the top of your building, but maybe many people want to make the same journey, so the lift must travel quickly to transport the required number of people in a reasonable timeframe.  

Should your lift be visible?

If you want a lift to move customers, it makes sense for it to be in a prominent position and for it to be clearly marked. However, if the lift is not for general use or is only used for moving stock, it may be better to have a more inconspicuous commercial lift installation that blends into the background and is only seen by those who need to use it.

Whatever your requirements, a commercial lift installation company will be able to suggest a solution that fits into your building and perfectly suits your business.