3 Benefits Of Hiring A Forensic Engineer If Your New Home Has Structural Damage

If your new home has developed structural problems, then you have to work out the causes of this damage. This isn't always an easy process if you don't have in-depth building, structural and environmental experience.

At this stage, you can hire a forensic engineer. These engineers investigate structural problems and their causes. What are the advantages of getting this kind of help?

1. Establish Responsibility

If your new home develops significant problems soon after it was built, then you will talk to your building contractor or project manager first. However, you might find it hard to get someone to explain what has happened or to take responsibility for the problem.

Sometimes, companies and contractors will blame other people who worked on the build. They might try to blind you with industry jargon and explanations that you don't understand. Nobody will admit that they were at fault.

If you hire a forensic engineer, then they will investigate the problem. Most importantly, they will work out why it happened. This gives you a clearer idea of who is responsible for the damage. It's harder for people to deny responsibility if you have an engineering report that proves who was at fault.

2. Get An Expert Witness

If you have problems getting a company or contractor to fix your structural damage, then you might have to take them to court. Here, you will have to prove that they did something wrong or made mistakes that affected your home.

Even if you don't have to go down a legal route, you might struggle to get the people who built your house to make things good. They might not accept responsibility easily or agree to do remedial work on the build.

A forensics engineer can represent your case as an expert witness in court. They can also work on your behalf with responsible parties to persuade them to repair the damage or give you compensation.

3. Get Advice On Remedial Work

At some stage, you will have to repair the damage to your home. Even if your original contractor agrees to do this work at no cost to you, you might not have any confidence in their work.

A forensic engineer can help here too. They can assess how to best repair your structural damage. They can tell your contractor what needs to be done. Then, they can monitor work and check its quality at the end of the process.

To get advice on how to handle your problem, contact consulting engineers and ask about their forensic services.