Signs That You Have an Overload in Your Electrical System

Electrical overloads can lead to electrical hazards such as electrocution and electrical fires. In addition, they can cause damage to electrical appliances, leading to the need for costly repairs or replacements. Therefore, in order to stay safe from the effects of electrical overloads, you need to be aware of some of the common indicators of electrical system overload. Here are some of the red flags to watch out for. Power Issues [Read More]

Will Window Tinting Affect Your Indoor Plant Growth?

As someone who is considering having window tinting applied to your home before summer arrives, you already know it is going to help keep your home cooler and reduce furniture fabric fade. However, as a green thumb plant lover, you may not yet have realised that it could have an impact on your household plants. Keep these pointers in mind so your indoor plants continue to thrive once the window tint is installed. [Read More]

Five Critical Steps to Take If Your Timber Floor Gets Wet From a Leak

Timber floors are beautiful, but the wood tends to absorb moisture, and as a result, if you have a leak over a timber floor, you need to deal with it expediently in order to protect your floor. Want to minimise damage? Take a look at these tips for dealing with a timber floor affected by a leak: 1. Remove the water. As soon as you realise that water has leaked onto your timber floor, start to remove it. [Read More]

What Your New Home Builder Wishes You Would Ask Before Work Begins

When working with a new home builder, no doubt you have many questions about the build process and the selection of homes that are available. Your builder may be happy to answer all those questions for you, but there may be some questions that they want you to ask that you might not have thought of. Note a few of those here and why they can be important to discuss with your home builder. [Read More]