Things to Do Before Renovating Your Home

If you are planning on renovating your home, whether you are working on just remodeling one room or doing major renovating, there are some things to do first. By taking the following steps before the project begins, you will be more than ready for the work to get done.

Get Building Permits

Before you start planning for the renovations, you need to make sure you are allowed to make these renovations. You can find this out by visiting the local building office and asking about permits. Not only will the building office let you know if you can complete the remodeling projects, but they will inform you of any necessary permits you need. You may need a permit to keep a dumpster in front of your home during renovations or a permit to add a room or complete major plumbing repairs.

Rent a Skip Bin

A skip bin is a type of dumpster that remains in front of your home, either on the street or in the driveway, to throw away remodeling waste during the project. This helps you to keep the remodeling area clean and throw away waste as it collects. It is a good idea to rent the skip bin before you start remodeling so it is available from the very beginning. By this point, you already know if you need a permit to park it in front of your house while the renovations are being completed.

Make the Home More Secure

During big renovation projects, your home is often left open or contractors walk in and out of the door constantly. This can put your home at risk of break-ins, so you need to be careful about security. The first thing you can do is install an electronic lock on the front and back door where contractors are accessing the home. Provide them with a unique code that lets them access your home but lets you change the code after hours or when the work is done. You can also hire security to drive by a few times a day to monitor the property.

Test For Asbestos

You should also test for asbestos when renovating any area of your home, since the asbestos fibres are released when disturbing floor tiles, insulation, roofing materials, and other materials in your home. If you have a relatively new home, this might not be an issue, but many older homes have materials made with asbestos. If the materials test positive for asbestos, have and asbestos removal company remove them before you start remodeling.