Exterior Places You Might Find Asbestos

When people think about asbestos, they often think about the insulation, flooring tiles or drywall. While there can be definitely be traces of the dangerous fibres in these areas, there are also places on the exterior of your home where asbestos might be used.


A common area of the home to have asbestos fibres is the siding. The siding was made with asbestos as it helped the material to last a long time and handle different elements, from hot temperatures to extreme weather conditions like natural disasters, fires and snowstorms. The good thing is that, even if your home is tested positive for asbestos in the siding, it is okay for now as long as you don't complete renovations. However, if the material is starting to look worn, you need to have it removed. Disturbing asbestos materials is what causes the fibres to be released into the air, where someone might inhale them.

Roofing Materials

Also be careful about disturbing the roofing materials on your home, since they might also contain asbestos. Asbestos was often used for materials like shingles and roofing tiles as it was durable enough to handle extreme weather conditions and perils, didn't corrode and was fire-resistant. Not only will the shingles or tiles contain it, but asbestos was sometimes used in the mortar, cement, and glue used on roofs.

Outdoor Plumbing

While plumbing is often something that is considered an interior asbestos issue, you may also have exterior plumbing to be concerned about. For example, you may have an outdoor kitchen on your patio that utilizes plumbing in order to have a sink in that space. You may also have a garage that is detached, but set up for plumbing due to your washer and dryer that are hooked up. These and other exterior plumbing spaces may have some asbestos used as insulation around the pipes. It is a good idea to have all plumbing inside and outside tested for asbestos so you are aware of it.


The final area to be aware of outside of your home is the windows. There is window putty that holds the window glass to the frame securely. Unfortunately, older homes often used window putty made with asbestos fibres for durability and long-lasting potential. If you have not had your windows replaced, don't do so until an asbestos testing company has tested a sample of the putty. 

For more information about where you might find asbestos, contact an asbestos removal company.