Tips For Getting a Job Through an Employment Agency

If you are currently looking for a job, you might find that the competition is fierce and you aren't having much luck. This is when going through a labour hire agency, also called an employment agency, is ideal. You give them the details about your ideal job, and they help find you something you are qualified for. Some jobs are temporary, while others are temp-to-hire. Here are some tips for getting a good job through an employment agency. 

Provide Varied Work Experience On Your Resume

While you want to customise your resume for the specific job you are applying for, there is more flexibility with the resume you use to apply to an employment agency. The labour hire agency wants to know about all of your work experience and certificates, not just those that relate to a certain type of job. The exception is if you are only at the temp agency for a particular job, such as an accounting job. In this case, you can leave off some of the unrelated work experience, but overall, they like to see everything you have done. That way, they can place you for more jobs based on your varied experience.

Be Specific With the Type of Job You Want

When you make an appointment with the employment agency, they will want to look over your resume and job application and complete an interview. The interview is a little different from a standard job interview, as they aren't deciding whether or not to hire you, but are getting information about the type of work you are looking for. You can be as descriptive and detailed as possible. Let them know the size of company you prefer, the industry, type of job, and what type of job duties you are comfortable with. If you don't feel comfortable working in a warehouse or can't lift a lot of weight so heavy labour work isn't good for you, let them know. If you are flexible, they can find a job for you easier, but there is nothing wrong with being specific and turning down assignments in lieu of other ones.

Keep Calling the Agency to Find Out About Available Jobs

Employment agencies have a lot of people they place jobs for, so if you haven't heard from them in a few days, give them a call. It is good to do this once a week or so just to keep your name fresh in their minds. It also lets them know you are available and still looking for a job. If you find a job elsewhere, also give them a call to let them know you are not currently looking so they don't keep calling you with assignments.

Keep in mind you can apply with multiple labour hire agencies, which is good because it offers more opportunities for you to find a job.