Are you planning an excavation on your construction site?

Whether you are a homeowner building an extension to your property or a representative of the government planning a new bridge, it is common to think that all building work is similar. One area that particularly suffers from this misconception is excavation. Many people think that excavation work is just digging a big hole and that any company can do it with whatever equipment they happen to have available. The truth is that excavation is often highly specialized and should only be carried out with the appropriate equipment. Excavation is the general term given to the task of moving rock, soil, or any other substance before the commencement of building work. The excavation work needed for a new road will differ from that needed to lay new pipework or build a property, understanding what type of excavation you need can help you choose the best firm to carry out your work. Here are some types of excavation work that you might need, thinking about both the material being removed and the purpose of the excavation.

Earth or muck excavation

If you want to create a solid foundation for any structure, you will need to remove the earth. An earth excavation will often involve not just the removal of the topsoil but also the layers further down. Sometimes, the soil that you want to remove is waterlogged and that what you are taking away is muck rather than earth; in that situation you could need different equipment to ensure that you are removing the material efficiently.

Topsoil removal

The purpose of the excavation is often to provide a solid foundation that can support a load. While, sometimes, you may need to go down several layers to reach that point, at other times, topsoil removal will be sufficient. Clearing away the soil and vegetation could be enough to prepare the ground to carry the required weight.

Cutting through rock

Rock excavation is perhaps, one of the most challenging types of excavation. When you want to build in a straight line, there can often be solid rock that directly impinges on your route. You can't clear rock just by digging. Normally, you will need blasting or drilling equipment to break up the rock before you can clear it from the site and create the clear surface that you need.

Why are you excavating?

Choosing the right excavation equipment depends just as much on what your excavation will look like as on the material you want to remove. You might need a cut-and-fill excavation or a basement excavation. Alternatively, you might just want to cut a trench or perhaps do some dredging work. Thinking through the purpose of your excavation is the best way to make sure that you will hire a firm with the right equipment for the work.