Is Directional Drilling the Right Option?

Are you searching for a way to get utility cables to your building site? Perhaps you are trying to install a new water main, or an electricity supply. Maybe it is fibre broadband that you want to bring to a new area. In most cases, installing a pipe or a cable involves digging a trench from one location to the next before putting the pipe in the trench and covering it over with earth. However, there are plenty of times that this approach isn't viable. Perhaps there is a natural obstacle, such as a lake, in the way of the pipeline. Or maybe a housing estate, railway line or an airport runway is obstructing the pipeline path. If you can't dig a trench to lay the pipe, an alternative solution must be found and calling a company that provides directional drilling services is often the best option.

How can directional drilling services help?

When the route of your pipeline is blocked, a directional drill can drill in a straight line under the ground between two points. The drilling process involves piloting a series of rods into the ground and then guided along the intended route. The drill head is tracked throughout its journey to ensure that it remains on course and is at the correct depth. Once the pilot bore is completed, the bored hole to reamed until it is the size of the intended piping, which is then placed in the ground.

Is directional drilling right for you?

If you are thinking about employing directional drilling services, you may have been wondering how they might work on your site. The size of the drilling rig required will depend on your circumstances, so it is best to give the drilling company a call to see if they can help you. Directional drilling services can install pipes made from iron, PVC, steel and HDPE, and these pipes can vary in size to accommodate different needs. The drilling company can tell you the approximate amount of space you must allow for entry and exit points on the site. They will also explain what circumstances could affect the drilling speed and whether drilling is practical on your site.

Is directional drilling cost-effective?

If you are wondering whether to choose directional drilling services or conventional pipe-laying techniques, it is worth remembering that directional drilling avoids potentially hidden costs. Since you are drilling under the ground rather than cutting through it, you don't need to worry about repairing any damage caused to the ground surface. There will be no roads to repair and no traffic disruption.