Easy Ways to Make a Building Green (in All Senses of the Word)

Have you heard of the Bosco Verticale? It's a proposed set of apartment buildings in Milan, Italy. The buildings will take green living to a whole new level since some 780 trees and shrubs will be planted on ledges attached to the building, providing insulation against noise pollution, and helping to absorb carbon dioxide. The building will be both literally and figuratively green, thanks to the colour of the foliage and the environmentally friendly applications of the building design. [Read More]

Boost the Fire Resistance of Your Home and Complement Your Metal Roof With These Tips and Ideas

If you live or are building a home in an area prone to bushfires, a metal roof can help to protect your house from catching on fire, but your metal roof shouldn't be your only line of defense. Instead, you should support your roof with other fire-resistant materials and methods. Here are some ideas and tips to consider: 1. Make sure the openings on your metal roof are sealed. [Read More]

Tips For Getting a Job Through an Employment Agency

If you are currently looking for a job, you might find that the competition is fierce and you aren't having much luck. This is when going through a labour hire agency, also called an employment agency, is ideal. You give them the details about your ideal job, and they help find you something you are qualified for. Some jobs are temporary, while others are temp-to-hire. Here are some tips for getting a good job through an employment agency. [Read More]

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions About Asbestos Soil Removal

Asbestos is a word that can cause a bit of stir for any homeowner, as it's known to be very dangerous if not downright deadly when inhaled. Finding it in your home can be upsetting, but many homeowners don't realize that it can also be found in your property's soil. You may have had your soil tested for a new garden or to see if it could hold the foundation for a new garage; if asbestos was then found, you might wonder about how to have it removed and if this is necessary in the first place. [Read More]